We care about the children's safety and we care about your house too.

All our furnishing are chosen thinking on your child safety and the good care of your house.


Our Teepees

Our teepees are handcrafted in the USA by an experienced manufacturer, using only USA sourced wood and fabric free of toxic chemicals. No flame-retardants treated fabric and no PVC, no staples or nails used on the teepee. Our large teepees have 8 feet natural bamboo poles which make them much more stable. Bamboo is 250% stronger than Maple (one of the hardest solid wood) according to the test data from Forest Product Laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture.

_MG_1925 copy.jpg

Our lights and decorations

All of our lights are battery operated so they don't represent a risk for the children when used appropriately. Our furnishing in kids settings do not have glass or breakable material.


Your Floors

Every teepee pole has a rubber or silicone floor protector so your floor will be safe from scratches. Our picnic table bases have also felt pads for surface protection. We are aware of the importance of protecting your wood floors and your house from the setup until picking everything up.