We do all the work and you have all the fun. Stylish Party Rental.

We style unique parties for kids and adults. We provide services as an event planner, party stylist and event party rentals. We bring everything to the place you choose, do all the set up and pick it up when the adventure is over. Choose among a variety of themes, customize it as much as you want or tell us about your ideas and we will make them happen. Rental includes teepees, picnic tables, bedding, decor and props as showed on pictures.

Based in Greenwich, CT.



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Take a sleepover party to the next level and allow your kids to experience an unforgettable teepee adventure. Choose from a variety of themes for girls or boys and customize it as much as you want. 

Indoor Picnics

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Regardless of the season you can always offer an indoor picnic to celebrate an special occasion or just to have fun with friends. Choose from a variety of theme settings and decoration.

Outdoor Picnics

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Plan an outdoor picnic surrounded by the setting you like. Choose from a variety of theme settings and decoration. 


Spa Slumber Parties


Pamper your friends and make them experience the most relaxing spa session in a confortable setting, along with a sleepover or picnic.